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School Governors


Together, the Governors are responsible for:

• Setting aims and targets for the school and checking the school's progress towards attaining these.

• Monitoring how well the school's policies and plans are working.

• Accounting for the performance of the school and the Governing Body.

• Working with the Headteacher to make sure teaching at school is effective and good quality and the children are making the best possible progress.

• Taking general responsibility for the school and its budget.

• Challenging and supporting the senior management team and taking opportunities to show interest in and appreciation of staff and pupils.

• Promoting the interests of the school and its pupils in the wider community.


Types of Governor

There are several different types of Governor:


Parent Governor 

Elected from parents at the school by parents at the school.

Staff Governor 

Elected from staff at the school by staff at the school.

Local Education Authority (LA) Governors

Appointed by the LEA.

Co-opted Governors

Appointed by members of the  Governing Body. They are intended to be representative of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.


Meet the Governors:



Term of Office



Register of Interests Other Governance at any other educational institutions

Attendance at GB and Committee Meetings %


Brian Alker


Debbie Calvert

Head Teacher    

School Improvement / Finance

None None 100%

Victoria Sowden

Staff 16.10.23- 15.10.27     None None N/A

Robert Manton

Co-opted 11.02.23-10.02.27 Chair (wef 22.09.22) Finance None None 100%

Janet Wright

Co-opted 21.09.21- 20.09.25   School Improvement / SEN / Safeguarding None None 80%

Chris Ritchie

Parent 20.01.22-19.01.26  

Finance / Health & Safety

None None 100%

Matt Johnson

Co-opted 26.01.23-25.01.27 Vice Chair   None None 60%

Faye Pashby

Local Authority 26.01.23-25.01.27     None None 60%

George Robinson

Parent 09.10.23-08.10.27     None None N/A



• The minutes of any of the full meetings of the governing body are available on request from the school.

• The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the following email address:




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